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What makes Ms. Jane's Swim School so special?

We are local! We believe that we are performing a calling to service to the children and families we meet every summer.  Our mission is to not only make our communities safer by teaching as many kids to swim as possible, but we also want to grow potential swimmer-athletes! The number one goal of our program is to teach your child to really swim – increasing their chance of surviving in the event of a water emergency. Our second goal is to teach them to swim well — we will emphasize correct competitive swimming techniques from the start. Streamline, body-roll, and bi-lateral breathing are just a few of the skills taught at SwimAmerica.


Our program only has 8 weeks to lay the building blocks for a lifelong love of swimming! Unlike our year-round competitors, we are less concerned with charging an excess of $20 per lesson for 1-2 classes per week spread over MONTHS. We offer a lower cost option, about $13 per lesson, in various Denton and Collin County HOA community pools. We believe that children should be given the tools to succeed in weeks instead of months! We offer SwimAmerica programming in 2 week sessions. Our philosophy is that by coming to 4 classes per week, children can build on the successes of the day before and they learn faster.  We also believe that most children learn in a peer-setting and low-ratio group classes are the secret to that success! We partner with local Home-Owner Associations to build relationships with your families and communities every summer!


And THANKS TO OUR WONDERFUL AND LOYAL customers who participate in the annual online voting competition - BEST IN DENTON COUNTY - we are excited to announce our award as WINNER of the Swim Lessons Category for 2018 and TOP-3 FINALISTS for 2017 and 2016.

Ms. Jane, what is a SwimAmerica program?

The SwimAmerica program teaches proper swim techniques while learning basic water safety in a fun, energetic atmosphere. SwimAmerica was developed by coaches of the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA) in order to provide the finest learn-to-swim program available. SwimAmerica's goal is "to teach America to swim for health, safety, fun, and fitness." SwimAmerica is an International, state of the art, learn to swim program that operates in nine countries. SwimAmerica believes that a student/participant should not only be taught to swim but should be taught to swim well. The program teaches Bubbles, Floats, Glides, Kicks Strokes and Turns. Students who master the 10 skill levels are prepared to swim competitively. The program is both goal driven and technique oriented. Children are taught in small groups and have the ability to move up to progressively higher level stations as they achieve the goals of their current group.

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