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My daughter (age 2) wasn't very interested in learning to swim, but Ms Jane's Swim School was great. Her staff was amazing with my twonager. Very sweet, professional, and worked great with kids of all ages. I think they do a great job, and would recommend her Swim School to anyone. - Amanda DiMarsico

June 2018

We just finished our first 2wk session this morning with Coach Dylan and we loved it! My daughter was taught valuable skills she was never taught in the past 2 summers she has taken swim classes. I can already see her confidence growing. I am SO happy that we switched!! Hoping we can get her into one more session before the summer is over. If not, we will be back next summer for sure!! - Corrine Prock June 2016


Yesterday was my son's first class at ms.jane's swim school and it was amazing!! The instructors are really good and most importantly know how to speak with little one's with gentle and caring tone. Thank you!!

- Nimrah Yusuf Danawala

July 2017

My 5 year old daughter and 2 year old son learned from Mr Dylan. Ms Jane definitely knew what she was doing when she hired him! He taught my son to be safe in the water and taught my daughter how to swim with no floaties in just 8 classes!!!! We went ahead with another session and she's a little fish now! I figured it would take all summer, but Mr Dylan had other plans. Y'all are wonderful and so kind! Wouldn't take my kids anywhere else! Thank you! - Liz Jackson June 2016


Ms Jane is excellent! My son has some social challenges and she bent over backwards to make sure he was set up for success the best we could set him up. Thank you so much Ms Jane!! - The Kibbe family appreciates you. May 2016

This is our first year here. We signed up the kids so that they would learn how to swim. To our surprise, they have really enjoyed it, and they are practicing to better their techniques.

Ms. Jane and her instructors have been awesome . They have very detailed attention , and their instruction is very easy to follow.

Thank you so much, especially with Kennia our oldest ( special needs) . She really enjoys the class and looks forward to the class every day. - ChristianRoxana Dominguez June 2018

My 6 yr old has been very skittish of going under water or trying to swim with his head under water. He just did his first 2 wk swim lesson and gained so much confidence! The instructors are so good with the kids, and helping them not only feel comfortable but confident in what they are learning. The first time I saw my son swim half the pool with his instructor in-front of him encouraging him to keep going and he was doing it all on his own ...I had proud mama tears . I can’t express how amazing it was watching my son who was scared to try at first then following what his instructor had showed him and he was swimming and lifting his head out of the water for breaths ....the proud look my son had on his face was priceless ! I HIGHLY recommend Ms Jane's Swim School to anyone wanting to learn how to swim !

—  Heather Zweifel

July 2018


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